We will file your insurance as a courtesy to you.  However, it is your responsibility to know if we are providers on your insurance plan and what services are covered.  Questions about your coverage should be directed to your insurance company.

Co-payments are due at the time of service.  A $10 fee will be assessed if we need to bill you for the co-payment. The person who presents the child for treatment is responsible for the co-payment.

Seperation/Divorce Policy for Billing

Health Insurance Terms to Know

A fixed amount that you pay for certain health services before health insurance pays.

Coinsurance:  The portion of the charge that is not paid by health insurance (usually a fixed percent of each amount paid by the plan)

Deductible:  An amount that must be paid before health insurance pays for covered services.

**Please note that most insurance plans only allow 30 days to add your newborn to your plan.