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Back To School

While getting ready to go back to school can make children and parents both anxious and excited, the anxiety may be greater this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  We have had many parents ask questions about their children returning to school. We are here to help answer questions about COVID symptoms, transmission, and testing.  Please do not hesitate to call our office with questions.
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Telehealth Visits

We have started changing the way we can do some visits at our office. We are using telemedicine which is a video visit that you can have with one of our doctors.
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According to the groundhog, spring should be here, but the winter illnesses keep dragging on, and with those illnesses come fever.  Fever is one of the most common reasons why children come to the office for an appointment.  It is also a frequent reason why parents or caregivers call for advice, even in the wee hours of the night, fearing an emergency.  Many years ago, one of our profession's most prominent pediatricians, Dr. Barton Schmidt, coined the phrase “fever phobia”, and it continues to this day.  But fear not!  Here are some things to know when dealing with fever.

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"Yuck, that's gross!" 13 ways to help your picky eater expand their diet

If you’d describe your child as a picky eater, you’re not alone. 25-35% of healthy children exhibit picky eating behaviors. The numbers are even higher for those that have medical issues or developmental concerns. Picky eaters mean mealtimes can be stressful! Here are some ways to make mealtimes more pleasant and successful.
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Protecting Yourself From The Flu

In case you hadn’t noticed, cold and flu season is upon us.  And you may be interested in knowing what you can do to protect yourself and your family (as much as possible) from getting sick.  So here’s some helpful information about the flu that may be useful.
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Cold Medicine Advice

 Parents face bewildering choices in the medicine aisle for their children’s colds and coughs. The best choice may be buying nothing.  So what is safe to give my child for a cough or cold?
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Potty Talk

Here are some items to keep in mind to make potty training a little easier for you and your kiddos! 
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Better Sleep Better Life

It’s easy to take routine things for granted when it comes to our health – especially sleep.  However, this is an area where little changes can go a big way toward promoting children’s health and well-being.
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Congratulations Dr. Peltier

Dr. Chris Peltier celebrated his 20th anniversary at Pediatric Assoc of Mt Carmel last month! 
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Preparing for Your Child's Appointment

For our next blog post, I thought we could give some tips on how to prepare for your child’s visit with our office to make sure the visit goes as smoothly as possible.

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