Our Research Philosophy
The physicians of Pediatric Associates of Mt. Carmel are dedicated to the health and welfare if our patient population first and foremost. Providing quality care to the children of our community will continue to be our number one priority.

Program Overview
Our research program gives our patients the opportunity to participate in a variety of clinical trials. Participation is voluntary and does not alter the services that we offer. All of our studies are performed while adhering to the FDA regulations for Good Clinical Practice.

Program Selection
The physicians of Pediatric Associates of Mt. Carmel are very selective in the studies that are chosen for the practice. All of our Board Certified Pediatricians must approve each study and feel 100% confident in the safety and benefit that each study offers to our patient population.

Participant Selection
Participants are recruited exclusively from our patient population database. This form of recruitment minimizes each participant's anxiety due to patient and family familiarity with both the environment and the staff.

Learn More
To learn more about our Clinical Research Program or to inquire about the studies that are currently being offered, please contact:

Bonnie Replogle, RN, BSN
Research Coordinator
513-753-3650 ext 37