Before Your Visit

Things to know before your wellness visit

All Well Visits, follow ups, and appointments for chronic (long standing) conditions are scheduled in advance and usually can be set up 3 months ahead of time. Appointments for acute (new) illness or injury typically can be scheduled for the same day.

When scheduling, please share all the issues you would like the physician to address during the visit. This allows us to ensure there is adequate time to address your concerns. Otherwise, an additional appointment may need to be scheduled on a different day.

Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early for all appointments. This allows us to update your account information if necessary and obtain all the needed vital information, screenings, and testing prior to the physician evaluating your child.

If you arrive 15 minutes after your scheduled Well Visit or follow up appointment time, your child's appointment will need to be rescheduled for another day. Similarly, if your child is scheduled to be seen for a chronic issue, the child will need to be rescheduled to ensure adequate time is available to fully assess the child. If you are late for an ill appointment, you can anticipate an extended wait until the physician is able to see your child without inconveniencing other scheduled patients. In all cases, these instances are considered Missed Appointments and are subject to an additional fee per our Financial Policy, and multiple Missed Appointments can result in dismissal from the practice.

We encourage our families to choose a primary physician for each child and make an effort to see that physician for all Well Visits when able. Similarly, patients should see the same physician for any chronic condition that the physician has been following and treating. Ideally, a parent or legal guardian should accompany the child for these visits, especially when there are concerns.

Finally, we encourage families with ill children to come to the office for appointments as early in the day as they are able. While many illnesses that children have are considered routine, some can be more complicated and are handled more efficiently during the day. We do understand that many factors can influence a family's ability to bring the child to the office, but our goal is to help our patients feel better as quickly as possible.

Seperation/Divorced Policy