Well Visits

Good health care for infants, children, and adolescents begins with the well child visit (check-up) and can include other services that keep children healthy. Our doctors and staff provide these preventative services during Well Visits based on a plan called Bright Futures developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). We also follow the AAP vaccine schedule for newborns, infants, children, and adolescents (see Vaccine Policy). Below is the schedule of Well Visit provided at the office and the associated screenings and/or labs that are performed:
1 Month    
2 Months    
3 Months    
4 Months    
6 Months    
9 Months ASQ-3 (developmental screen)  
12 Months   CBC, Lead Level *
15 Months    
18 Months M-CHAT (autism screening)
ASQ-3 (developmental screen)
Hemoglobin or Hematocrit
2 Years    
2 1/2 Years ASQ-3 (developmental screen)  
3 Years    
4-10 Years Annually Vision & Hearing Screenings  
11-18 Years Annually Vision & Hearing Screenings
Depression Screening

*This is required for all patients who are insured by Caresource. Children must have this test performed once between the ages of 1 and 2 years.

Please note that a baby's first visit to the office after delivery is a Well Visit. 

Because preventative services are important to keeping children healthy, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (health care reform law) includes a rule that all preventative care screenings and services included in the Bright Futures plan and vaccine schedule must be covered by most health plans. This is not always true, though, as some older plans, called grandfathered plans, do not have to pay in full for preventative services.

There may also be times when a child needs a service that is not considered preventative on the same day as a Well Visit. If a child is not well or if a problem needs to, or is asked to be addressed during the Well Visit, the physician will need to provide an additional office visit service (a sick visit) to care for the child. This is a different service and is required to be billed to your health plan in addition to the preventative services provided on that day. If you have a co-payment for office visits or coinsurance or deductible amounts that you must pay before your health plan pays for these services, our office has to charge you these amounts in accordance with the contracts we have with your health plan.

We value your time and want to make the most of each appointment for your child. This is why we offer the opportunity to address any problem that needs a doctor's care during Well Visits so that only one trip to the office is needed. Some examples of services that may be provided and billed in addition to preventative services include:
  • The doctor's work to address more than a minor problem, which must be billed as an office visit (for example, if the doctor writes a prescription, orders tests, or changes care for a known problem)
  • Medical treatments (for example, breathing treatments)
  • Any procedure (for example, removing splinters, ear wax, or something the child put in his or her nose or ear)
  • Tests performed in the office that are not included in the Bright Futures plan
Our office does not want you to be surprised by a bill but must always bill your health insurance based on the actual services provided, as described in our Financial Policy. Please feel free to ask questions about services that may not be paid in full by your health plan on the day of your visit.